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Service Management
TPG has extensive experience in the area of Service Management for Information Technology. For some time now TPG has adopted and utilized the ITIL system as a basis for Service Management. This system is popular as a best practices model for the administration Service Management. The system of ITIL is extensive in its engagement but it is not complex. Best practices are incorporated for Service Support and Service Delivery. The building block process of ITIL allows flexibility for organizations in adopting the principles while not sacrificing the overall protection and structure that the system provides.

Systems Development
TPG Technology Consulting are experts at updating legitimized applications and they are also architects of cutting-edge distributed web-based systems. Many years of experience and professional resources of the highest calibre allow TPG to deliver competent resources for all development requirements in the field of Information Technology.

Technical project management
Enterprise-wide architecture development
Business continuity
Operating system software support
Data centre implementation
Capacity planning
Internet/intranet implementation
Large scale application development
Client server and web based development
Automated operations
System programming
Wide area networking
Systems Integration